Blonde Chain is a 5-star ground unit based on the character Kurapika from the anime Hunter X Hunter. You remembered the first time he kissed you, the first I love you that he ever whispered in your ears. To be blunt, the blonde spoiled you and refused to leave your side until you were better. You and Gabe had almost gotten theredangerously close. Instead, you held your frown and motioned to your phone,I got a bad text from my mom - I need to go home.. BNHA: multi characters x Listener asmr | You make them cry | My Hero AcademiaBoyfriend Scenarios | MHA ASMRMulti-characters playlist: You were in so much pain after Sai broke up with you, you nearly committed suicide. "(Y/n).." you handed him the scroll when he approached, after he read it, Minato bent down in front of you, he smiled and wiped a tear out from underneath your eye, then pulled you by the back of the head to his lips, kissing your forehead. "(Y/n).." you looked back at him, he gave a calm smile and wiped a tear then pulled your head to his chest and gave you a big hug. You just nod, so you dont cry again and wrap your arms around him. 13 Haha, Im kidding. You gave parted lips, about to speak before he gave a 'tch' with a side eye roll, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to him, placing both arms around you, making you relax, you were about to hug him back before he pulled back, pecking your lips softly after poking your forehead. There, staring right at you is the biggest spider youve ever seen. "What's wrong?" #boyfriend You always found his observant stare endearing, how his greatest weapon on the volleyball court was something he used on you to understand you better. Hey Will! Im so sorry Y/N, I feel so bad You told me to put you down and I didnt listen and. Shh, Im alright. Your shirt is covered in blood by now. naruto boyfriend scenarios when he makes you cry naruto boyfriend scenarios when he makes you cry naruto boyfriend scenarios when he makes you cry When it runs away though, he starts to get scared. No. you mumble, swiping the tears from your cheeks. He scoops you into his arms off the bench. #shino. To see you cry, despite your gentleness and tender heart, was out of character thus, the Nara would accordingly freak out any time you shed those precious alligator tears. Suddenly, he trips over the carpet and you are sent flying behind him. Hmm baby making. He drives off, feeling guilty. ", (Sorry if some are iffy and for slow updates!! You turn towards each and start jumping and screaming. Naruto saw Deidara kiss your lips and he growled. Masterlist, But ask for angst and you shall receive.kuroos is funny and akaashis is not. You nodded silently, simply stating an okay when Kuroo continued to stare at you. Gabe- It took a lot of cake batter, blood sweat and tears and tons of fondant to make this cake! "SaiYou gave narrowed eyes towards Sakura, she gave you a confused look then looked down with a frown. What? you ask. You felt the onset of panic gripping your chest, threatening to force tears to the corners of your eyes. He also walked you to all of your classes and when you wanted something from another room, he would jump up to grab it. Whats happening in here? he says as he walks in. Whats a label against the fact that hes been in love with you during that entire time?. You roll your eyes. You were tired of Sasuke cheating and then he breaks your heart even more. You held the phone to your chest, there was no way you could feign a reaction now. He smirked then took your hand and kissed it. "What the hell!!" Come in, in you whisper. ! you exclaim as Dana picks you up from behind and spins you around. Yamamoto-san? You near-whispered back in recognition. #gaara At the end of the day, he gently kisses your fingers to make them feel better., Will- When you fractured one of your ribs, Will never left your side. "So Naruto you bought flowers for her! You had to re-read the text three times, your mind whirling in circles to accept the fact that this was for your Tetsur. The tall spiker was built with muscles, arms and legs looking seemingly sculpted. Uhh, oh my go-, no. Gabe starts freaking out. Instead, Kuroo closed it and locked it as he followed. When youre vacuuming, cleaning dishes or even getting something from the cupboard. naruto boyfriend scenarios when he makes you cry. Summary: Akaashi and Kuroo getting caught cheating and begging you for forgiveness A/N: Honestly, I dont think ANY of the boys would ever even consider it. You walk into his large kitchen flip the light on. I..I was taking a nap, while Jordan slept. You quickly lie. OH HELL NAAAW! Dana yells and opens his door and runs out. His hand reaches its destination. "Gaara.." "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" I never found a reason for my existence until I met you." "Break free again I'll bite you. There was so much you wanted to just yell at him, but at the same time you knew this was the man who held your heart. Because you definitely werent ready for any of that. by . :) -Tamia. You and Deidara were on a date, at Ichiraku's, when you spotted Naruto and Sakura holding hands, and coming that way! He screamed and threw the stick at them, even though that did nothing. You just sat and watched, truly amazed. "There's that smile. Shikamaru gasped seeing how close you were to Hidan. Not a bit. Asked Deidara. You cant help but start laughing your head off. He is not a part of any evolution. What do you mean? you ask, confused. You had spent an entire 6 months away from each other. The next day at school neither of them were present. You didn't budge, he even gave a whine, Kiba gave a small sigh and went over, sitting on the edge of the bed, hand on your shoulder, then rubbing up to your ear. You grabbed it half-mindedly, original intention to bring it to him and maybe leave it at the door in case it was some type of volleyball-related emergency. Later, you go out for dinner and go outside, run though some sprinklers just for the hell of it on the way home and settle with his favourite movies. More to come soon hoped you enjoyed this. He gets the First Aid kit from a drawer and takes out everything Turn around. He says calmly. I didnt mean to say that, please forgive me so we can go to dinner, and you can wear whatever youd like. You werent even looking for me! Brandon exclaims, almost angry but upset. Hes lifting your shirt, when you hear, HEY GABE YOU STILL HAVENT FOUND ME!! I dont want to know why you led me on for so long. Okay, now step back. He orders, before hitting the spider off the fridge. Taking hold of the phone yourself, you looked at the screen and saw that it was indeed to the same student body president that the call was going through to. You smiled a bit and placed your hands on his, interlocking your fingers together when he kissed the back of your head. El IAT International Architecture Training, es un evento profesional inmersivo en arquitectura, promovido por la Academia de Arquitectura y Diseo que se desarrollar cada ao en un pas distinto correspondiendole en el 2019 a Rionegro en Colombia, en el 2020 a Mxico y en el 2021 a Per. Well, go on, kill it! he pushes you towards it. You worried that you were going to unintentionally spill out the word vomit - accusing words ready on the tip of your tongue. But as soon as he poked into it and lifted it, thousands of baby spiders started running this way and that on the bench. . ! Oh shoot. I thought all was lost and then Kuroo let me practice texting myself and seeing how it looked from his phone!, Kuroo summarized it plainly for you. You don't want that to happen." No matter how many times you tell him that it was an accident, and that youre just clumsy, he still feels guilty. You start backing away, COLE! There was no denying the sudden jump of fear you had when Akaashi walked back in the room, a questioning look on his face as he saw you try to level your breathing. He smiles and wraps his arm around you to pull you closer before kissing the top of your head. You can borrow my shirt. He says and winks. You go out and have a nice dinner after that. #sasuke Gaara, though not entirely comfortable in handling the emotions of others, displayed a great deal of patience and care whenever he saw you cry. His smile immediately squashed to a straight line, eyes hardening as they looked down at you. "You can be sweet some times." Hey! you whisper when you open the door to see your boyfriend, Will standing there. "Does someone need a scratch behind the ear?" Oh nothing you say in a high-pitched voice, rolling your eyes in an Im-up-to-no-good way. He then turns to you and smirks before tackling you and he starts tickling you. Im sorry if thats weird.. you say quietly. You just wanted to get away from him, just the very image of Kuroo was enough to make you angry and inescapably hurt. You gave a small hint of blush but still sniffled, just as you were about to look down, a butterfly caught your attention, it landed on Shino's chin, making you smile more, and when it's wings opened, you smiled with a small giggle at the smile pattern before Shino blew it off. You balled up your fist, ready to just turn and punch him, but that probably wasnt a very good idea as he was driving and could crash the car you were in. It means he was practicing sexting himselffrom my phone., You could not help your growing, amused smile. He chases it around until its on the floor and he stomps on it. The door opens slowly to reveal Will, standing there with drinks and some snacks. It was now crawling on the handle down towards the floor. He was just looking at you, like he expected you to say something. When you sit back down, Will opens his arms, so that you can rest on his chest. You couldnt help but smile, and think that Gabe would make a great dad, if you got to that stage. Bokuto-san. You stated, looking him in the eyes head-on. Hah! And while you found the action usually humorous, you could only stare in blank realization as Akaashi fondly smiled at the spikers words. And this was not something that could be as simply waved off as teammates. "Sasori hon, can we go?" You walk over to the couch, and turn the TV on. Kuroo had his hands on your shoulders, trying to calm you down. He smiled as he walked over there, he saw you and smiled more but it faded after hearing you sniffle, you were sitting crisscross with an elbow on your knee, holding up your cheeks as you gave slight tears. You were about to pull back before Sai held you closer, making you smile a bit more. While he showed an extreme amount of patience and rationale talking you through your fits, he learned quickly that your attention span was shorter than your emotional outbursts. Yes I am being serious you look like a little hoe! Okay, that was the last straw. His hands are now at the hem of your shirt, drawing his fingers back and forth, teasing. "Suigetsu You stayed in the room most of the day with the door locked, Hebi stayed at a cabin once more. The next scene is really bright, so you lean back only to see a big shadow creeping across your knees. You would roll your eyes, but he always made sure you had the brace on at all times. Sasuke gave a confused look then walked over to you with a grunt, pulling you to the side. His hands were under the back of your shirt, nearing your bra hooks, when the doorbell rings. You smile. He covers the cut up with bandages and what not, and helps you down. Kill it! "ShikamaruShikamaru opened up the door to your house with an eyebrow raise seeing not seeing you, both hands were on his pockets as he gave a small sigh thinking you went out to the village already. He stuttered over your name, before asking,Ah, you and um. The mere process of talking with him as he comforted you was often enough to pull you out of your tears. All their little volleyball antics - it was always about Bokuto. Naruto walked over to Ino who was behind the counter at that time, and you were drawing, ignoring the world. Akaashi chose you - he asked you out!, You almost snarled at the irony, As if that matters! And yet now, his close proximity brought nothing but anxiety and anger. Said Sasuke. "Yeah bitch I'm coming." The voice that rang out froze you in your actions. Well Im gonna get you now, if you dont run! Gabe says. "Remember, you're the reason I truly smile. They were not the loving terms of endearment you believed them to be. What does it feel like? He played the last note. Please check out my Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios as well hope you enjoy! Lee wrapped both arms around your neck to your shoulder, he gave watery eyes but continued to hold you closer as you did the same to him, softly weeping, giving a small shaking sigh before he smiled and pulled back. Some other girl texting you: I dream of waking up to you every day, could be some other context that what Im too small-minded to know? "Are you better?" wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen in los angeles > alaska expedition company >. Naruto Will- It you four hours to make them, but it was worth spending the time together! You glared at Hidan and he shreaked, "sorry, lord!" Why did Akaashi even approach you in the first place? The other boys of the volleyball team had always complimented her and brought her up in conversation. You gave a small giggle and wiped your face, you pulled back to see Sakura, you gave her a wave as she did the same back. He unbuckles his seatbelt and turns to you. You gave an eye roll and walked away, you walked past Sai too, he saw you had tears in your eyes but you tried to hide it but he still followed you. You giggle quietly to yourself. ! Gabe exclaims, hurt clear on his face as he realised you were leaving. ! Cole exclaims. Akaashi?? How long had this been going on? Suddenly, you just burst into tears, he was never going to forgive you for this. Just his phone, which he always had on him, had vibrated away on your coffee table. For you and the other students cheering on the team, it could have been easily seen as just another game. Gabe! you say. vacation rental inspector job description "Beauty?" Regardless of what had upset you, he would hug you to his body and calmly ask what was wrong, guiding you through your emotions and encouraging you that it was okay to release them. naruto boyfriend scenarios you call him daddy. Shino stopped walking once he saw a tear slide to your chin. ;) -Tamia (gabes is coming next :p), youre old enough to pay for your own things. "Neji You gave sigh to Tenten, she was about to grab your shoulder but you walked off, making her look down with a ground then over at Neji, who pasted her just in time to grab your wrist. He reaches his hands out to Will. #boyfriendscenarios It was all going good until you heard children squeal Lord Kazekage. He reaches one hand over to gently squeeze your shoulder and massage it a little. He puts both of his hands on your hips, and hoists you onto his lap. "To you. As soon as the door is closed, you both burst into a fit of laughter. Phew, he says, and cleans off his shoe. My Blog naruto boyfriend scenarios when he makes you cry Why? Y/N, its okay at least you know now, and youre here and we can go out and celebrate together. Sasuke glanced beneath the water to peak at you, but you swam near Suigetsu. This is my very last semester of graduate school and then I am DONE in May, forever! You made eye contact with him, you then wrapped both arms around his neck and hugged him tightly with a small smile, he hugged you back just as tight. But most of the time, you just wanted him. You cant help but giggle at his reaction. Asked Sasori. You smiled and hugged him back, he gave a small smile too, hugging you more, when he pulled back, he wiped your last tear, kissing your forehead before standing up, holding onto your hand to lift you up. ARE YOU OKAY?! His lips are on yours in an instant. #narutoxdeadreader Kuroos fond looks, those kind smiles, they were all calculated actions to keep you on his hook. Suggestions are unfortunately closed because the stories are actually . He puts you down and walks over to the blanket. You put a hand on his chest in an attempt to keep him at a distance. Okay, for the 10th time, whats your favourite colour. You ask. Try and answer them all, I know how it feels when you dont get noticed. You point out, remembering the days when you were just another fan. The fond expression Akaashi had only brought up his earlier words to mind -I love watching him play. "Thought you'd be here." Your jaw drops. Dalton- There he was. Open up it's just me." He picks the baby up gently and you help adjust him so hes laying properly. But only for a little, Im shiv-vering. You say. I know youre thinking about something. he says, lips inches away from yours. #kiba You sprint up the stairs before they can knock again to wake up the baby. Please just listen to me.. "What is it?" Then he kissed her lips. #shikamaru The love you felt for Kuroo was undeniably mutual, but you had to learn to trust your boyfriend. Open your eyes. You took it a face value, instead relishing in the comfort knowing that your boyfriend was wrapping his arms around you. The profile picture was of the popular student body president, her shining face radiating even now. You giggle and go gather a bunch of blankets for snuggling on the couch. When he opened up the door, his eyes widen seeing you sitting back against the bed with your hands to your eye, when you removed them you gave parted lips and looked away. Why was Akaashi stringing along the both of you? You moved on! :). Yes, you are. He says and pulls the car over. Welcome to a book of Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios where you the reader (female) gets the chance to date the following characters: I'm back." "Bye kids!" You were so happy to see him. You blushed with a sniffle and hugged him lightly back, he knew you had a small smile so he gave a small side rock into it. 26 Sasuke + You lay down on your bed in the hideout of Team Taka, sadly. I love that youre already thinking of our future. He admits. Sp-sp-spider! Im not coming in here again. You grab basically everything you could want for the night, and run back to the living room. You felt your eyes comically widen at his boldness, any hint of your previous teasing falling away as your boyfriends sly smirk crawled further and further down your body. "I'm here now. I.. All of a sudden, your door opens and Will jumps randomly into your room. Youre always thinking ahead. Your eyes slightly widened and you gave a small smile, shutting your eyes and leaning more into Neji when his chin rested on your head and he placed his other arm around you, his eyes shut as he gave a deep sigh through his nose. He wanted you to feel comfortable while recovering. Dalton- Hey we should really get some fresh air. You just couldnt deal with this, of course he was right and you were going to get a bad grade now. He followed behind you as you traversed through your empty house. This was no longer the simple interaction that you could pretend would pass over, the adulterous text was still open on the screen, open for both parties to quickly see. Hes staring right at the wall behind you. You stayed silent to your friends, not even telling your best friend what happened. Yes. You say. "You know. Instead, you texted Bokuto during the game to meet you outside by the entrance stairs, alone. They were popular throughout school with the entire student body. You walk to the fridge and reach for the handle when your eyes land on the mother of all spiders. ! WHAT THE HELL GABE ARE YOU SERIOUS? "Hey, what's the matter?" It was no surprise that Fukurdani was progressing to the Spring Nationals and everyone at school were quick to congratulate various team members on their victory. [10] Under the mistletoe {Christmas Special #1}, [11] The gift he gives you {Christmas Special #2}, [14] You wear their clothes // You dress like them, [26] Song that describes your relationship, [30] 150k Special - Your first time {Part One}, [31] 150k Special - Your first time {Part Two//End}, [34] Quote that describes your relationship, [40] When you do something stupid {Contest Winner}, [41] Date night preferences {Contest Winner}, [42] Perks of dating him {Contest Winner}, [43] When you shower/bathe together {Contest Winner}, [45] He catches you dancing {Contest Winner}, [46] How he likes to cuddle {Contest Winner}, [47] Where he likes to leave hickeys {Contest Winner}. "I'm fine." But I love watching Bokuto-san play when hes in the zone.. And then she started texting me dirty things and I wanted to do it back, so Kuroo taught. Jump. He says rapidly. She was really into me too and we were flirting and I wasnt ready!! Woah woah woah, Y/N are you crying? You bit your lip, asking. Bokutos voice reached you mid-way through the steps, his words low but aimed toward Akaashi. Loving words, teasing innuendos, all of that you shared with Kuroo and now he was going to show-off what he had with another girl? Had he been texting Bokuto the entire time he was sitting here with you? The rare times that you did, Sasuke would always sit quietly beside you no speaking, no touching; just a comforting presence to offer you an ounce of strength as you sorted through your emotions. Youre laughing so hard, that he was so scared, but follow him because you didnt want to be near that thing. He was the captain, after all. "I'm not hungry Deidara." "We're skinny dipping! You were surprised to say the least, this was one of the members of the volleyball team. sweet potato sushi roll calories. oop lmao hope you enjoyed these short stories! Okay, well its kind of embarrassing though you mumble. Yet he couldn't help but find beauty in the tears the way your eyes would glisten, the shade of your irises brightening, the pink in your cheeks and nose. You were on the average scale of things - average grades in college prep, a member of photography club, but not particularly motivated - you were easily replaceable in the fast-paced world that Kuroo and others were constantly facing. Tears fell down your cheeks, and you sniffed your nose. He carried your bags, and helped you put on the sling. Why progress this far in your relationship? As if he had no idea, no reason to truly think that he was the cause behind your unease. Cole- Things got a bit(totally) messy, and it took all day, because you had a flour fight, but you guys managed to make these cute cupcakes! You knew this and simply attributed it to his patience and overall ability to read people. Congratulations? Ill read the questions you answer, and Ill tweet them. He hands you his phone. Why are we whispering? he says back, smiling. "Sorry for bothering." Naruto kissed your lips and nodded leaving with you. Tears were bothersome, and you had always been one to well regulate your emotions. The moment passed, time moving forward as you continued to analyze every smile Akaashi shot the ace. ;). "Thank you Naruto." You heard what was almost a yelp back. Sai stood feeling jealous. It also helped that they had a practice match against Itachiyama at the end of the week, so he was called to practice especially more. Cole- When you get scared or worried your eyes go big and wide you look pretty funny so he just has to laugh and you playfully slap him after. Disclaimer: I do not own #anime He was the little boy that you and Gabe had to babysit often. It was only when your hands flew to scroll upwards that you realized yes, this was really happening. Was there something you needed? He asked nervously. But later, youre mine. He continues the day, playing, but not in the same mood as he was before. He smiles back and carries you to the living room where you check your twitters, watch videos, and do a USTREAMsafer things, for the rest of the day. Author's Note. His curiosity encouraged him to use these moments as opportunities for learning. Dont worry. He rubs your shoulder to comfort you. Mature. He couldnt exactly wait outside of the car because anywhere he went, there would always be a few people trying to get at him. Neji was probably the best person to comfort you when you were down. Your friends warned you ahead of time, that the two had a strong bond despite being separated by a year and not even attending the same junior high. "(Y/n)." #love Uhh, maybe staying inside wouldnt be too bad. You laugh and he takes you back inside where you eat and watch TV marathons. You and Naruto went out on a date at Ichiraku's. Well, I was just kind of picturing that you were Brandons dad and I was like the mom, sitting back letting you to have your fun, watching happily. Was my text really bad that you had to call?. No problem, and could you grab me another Coke please? Cole says and then changes the channel. You and Kuroo-san are spending your day off together?. You started to date Deidara. You hadnt told Akaashi you were going to attend this practice match in the first place and you honestly had no intention of doing so. "What's the rush darling?" Kuroo continued to follow behind you despite your loud command. naruto boyfriend scenarios when he makes you crywhat language does hydra speak marvel PB Nitom Blog . You plop down on your chair and get back to work. No! Yelled Karin, but by now, you and Suigetsu were already having lunch. You grin, and so does he, because youve just been pretty down the last couple of days. "No one shall see a beautiful girl like you cry in public." Leave a Comment / Uncategorized . I hope you enjoy it! Something. Dalton complains to you. "Bae let's go." You shriek and jump back. The one time you text him, saying you need some painkillers, he buys all different brands and brings them because he didnt know which ones worked for you. Come checkout some of the added-on endings to Cheater!Akaashis story: Masterlist, Posted on 3 Jun 2020 5:04pm (2 years ago) with 2,284 notes. You watched how Akaashis gaze would sometimes linger on Bokuto, long legs guiding his stride to a spike. Okay this is what I have so far. You say and start the PowerPoint. Naruto smiled as he stepped into your house with a to-go back of ramen cups, he smiled and went into the kitchen, then gave a confused look and went to the room to see you shut the door, you on the outside of it. The school you were attending was known to be a powerhouse regarding volleyball. You had totally forgot that he was still there. They were together before you were even in the picture. Why you? In the end, you started dating Naruto! You want take-out food? You open the door and plop down on the seat.